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December 2011

I have to say that I admire this blogs very much, and even though I don’t speak to any of them, I have to say that they’re very talented and I really love to go through their blogs. These blogs are my favorites of the 2011:

accioron ϟ anne-hathaway ϟ bloodydifficult ϟ thegryffindorseeker ϟ watsonlove ϟ -hogwarts ϟ pureblood- ϟ ofabeautifulnight ϟ feltgasm ϟ lupini ϟ cruciothelights ϟ princezuko ϟ intoasylum ϟ dailyloreena ϟ living-death ϟ sirlestrange ϟ h-e-r-m-i-o-n-e ϟ weaslette ϟ -jamessirius ϟ dlittleone ϟ confunded ϟ thebeautyofsolitude ϟ oh-potter-you-rotter ϟ lightthefuze ϟ ccrucio ϟ bewitchthemind ϟ hpphoenixlament ϟ fleurtings ϟ bluevein ϟ ruperts ϟ ronaldweasleys ϟ whatthefawkes ϟ potterisabamf ϟ littlemarauder ϟ -harrypotter ϟ

I really wish you all very happy holidays!

And if you want to follow more awesome blogs, go to my blogroll, you won’t regret it.

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